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“BEST quality I’ve seen”

I had a unique situation for my Philadelphia-area wedding: I’m a freelance floral designer in LA and had a friend here who I knew was the only person I’d want to do my flowers. But unlike some cities, Philadelphia does not have a central “flower market” and so I began my search for a local wholesaler. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to come across Younger and Son. We really thought we’d be FedEx’ing flowers across the country to get some of the stuff I wanted but that ended up not being the case at all. I emailed Younger and Son and quickly had a reply from Peter who let me know they were more than happy to work with us. He was great throughout the ordering process – quick to reply both by email and phone and just plain friendly (which we all know is not always the case in our beautiful yet exhausting industry.) I gave them a long list for my order along with some back up items as some of the stuff was out of season. Not only did absolutely everything we ordered come in as some of the BEST quality I’ve seen of these particular flowers, they were able to supply us specialty items such as fiddle heads (came in a good 2 ft long!), slipper orchids, mixed herbs, succulents and beautiful garden roses. Additionally, I had on my “not-in-a-million-years-wishlist” yellow peonies (they have a pretty magenta center) which were about 4 weeks past season – we got those too and they weren’t some shriveled little ball that rots before opening. They were huge, perfect, fragrant showstoppers. After receiving the order we did from Younger and Son, I am confident they are they kind of wholesaler that does not compromise quality. And I’m sure that even if you do not have a resale license as we did, they are willing to work with you. My advise to anyone doing their own flowers or at least their own ordering is to pay attention to seasonality, be flexible and have backups to your wishlist and trust this wholesaler to give you what they know is coming in best that week. As a side note, this is a full-service floral supplier so we ordered a number of hard goods from them as well. An excellent resource in the Philadelphia area!

Lauren C. / Los Angeles, CA

There is no other floral supplier in the area that will have the beautiful array of flowers that this wholesaler has.  The sales team is extremely helpful and will go above and beyond to get your order filled with the perfect flowers for your event. It will be hard for you to find another company that will care for your floral needs the way Younger’s does.  I often order beautiful garden roses from them for my wedding events and the color, variety and  quality is always just perfect!  I highly recommend them.

Christian B. / Miami, FL

I needed wholesale flowers for an event I was planning in Philadelphia. I live in NY and everyone was so helpful and patient over the phone. I actually had someone else pick up the flowers day of and it was a breeze for them as well. Absolutely 100% professional service. I plan to use them again and would recommend.

Kira B. / Manhattan, NY

I went to Younger and Son today to look for flowers for my wedding which is in 3 weeks. After looking through what they had I approached Mr. Shaw who I have to say was the most courteous and helpful person I have ever met! He went through my selections, then made very helpful suggestions and educated me on how to care and arrange the beautiful flowers for my wedding! I am beyond thrilled with my experience! I can not wait to pick up my flowers for the wedding!!!

Shantel F. / Miami Beach, FL

Love doing business with a family-owned enterprise

I’ve never experienced customer service like this. I live in San Francisco, but I placed an online order for an unusually shaped flower arranger needed to make a beautiful arrangement I had seen in a magazine. The day after I placed the order, Peter from Younger & Son called to tell me how sorry he was that the item I ordered was temporarily out of stock. He asked me to describe my arrangement and immediately started brainstorming other ways to make it work, but when it became evident that only *that* flower arranger would do, he told me not to give up and that he would call me back in 10 minutes. Not only did he call me back, but he called with the good news that he had actually custom-made the item I wanted by jerry-rigging together two other arrangers. I couldn’t believe it. The custom arranger arrived a few days later, and it’s exactly what I needed. I have never before experienced customer service like this – and especially not for such an inexpensive item. Love doing business with a family-owned enterprise that is passionate about customer service! Thank you, Peter and Younger & Son!!!

E. G / San Francisco, CA

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